Mission & Vision


The Municipality of Lemery, Batangas shall exercise the powers expressly granted, those necessarily implied therefrom as well as the powers necessary, appropriate or incidental for its efficient and effective implementation of the various development sectoral programs at the local level.


The Muncipality of Lemery envisions to be a center of commerce, trade, industry and tourism in the Province of Batangas with a fast growing economy, environment friendly, peaceful and orderly community thru dynamic Leadership Measurable and Attainable local development programs.


The Municipal Government of Lemery commits to develop a peaceful and self-reliant community through attainable socio- economic and environmental development programs anchored on the principle of transparency, accountability and participative governance.

Service Pledge

WE, the Municipal Officials and Employees of the Municipality of Lemery, clothed with authority by law to serve and lead our constituents sincerely pledge to:

PERFORM our duties and functions with the highest degree of integrity, honesty, competence, decisiveness, and hard work;

HELP, build, promote and sustain a strong and committed Local Government by implementing all laws, rules, and regulations with efficiency and transparency;

PROMOTE public interest over personal interest and value at all times, ethics, excellence, and empowerment;

SERVE with responsiveness our constituents and in so doing, shall not discriminate against anyone or any entity, accept criticism, and take responsibility for our actions;

MAINTAIN a good relationship with the client with the utmost respect