The Municipality of Lemery, Batangas shall exercise the powers expressly granted, those necessarily implied therefrom as well as the powers necessary, appropriate or incidental for its efficient and effective implementation of the various development sectoral programs at the local level.


The Municipality of Lemery envisions to be a center of commerce, trade, industry, and tourism in the Province of Batangas with a fast-growing economy, environment friendly, peaceful and orderly community through dynamic Leadership Measurable and Attainable local development programs.


The Municipal Government of Lemery commits to developing a peaceful and self-reliant community through attainable socio-economic and environmental development programs anchored on the principle of transparency, accountability and participative governance.

Service Pledge

WE, the Municipal Officials and Employees of the Municipality of Lemery, clothed with authority by law to serve and lead our constituents sincerely pledge to:

PERFORM our duties and functions with highest degree of integrity, honesty, competence, decisiveness and hardwork;

HELP, build, promote and sustain a strong and committed Local Government by implementing all laws, rules and regulations with efficiency and transparency;

PROMOTE public interest over personal interest and value at all times, ethics, excellence and empowerment;

SERVE with responsiveness our constituents and in so doing, shall not discriminate against anyone or any entity, accept criticism and take responsibility for our actions;

MAINTAIN a good relationship with the client with utmost respect

Origin and History

During the early part of the 18th century, adventurous settlers from Taal, Northern Mindoro, and Southern Cavite were attracted to the vast plain near the shores of Balayan Bay because of its abundance in fish and other marine life. Salting and drying fish became their major occupation due to the great demand of salted and dried fish by people coming from the provinces of Cavite, Mindoro, Laguna, and Batangas. People came in great numbers to join the settlers, and the village became populous. The place was first called "PUNTA", meaning direction, because a great number of people came to the direction of the village. In 1818, the village of PUNTA was converted into a barrio, under the Municipality of Taal. Upon the suggestion of a new priest, the successor of Father Geronimo, the place was named SAN GERONIMO in honor of the first priest assigned in the former village of PUNTA. CAPTAIN ROBERTO LEMERY, the Commanding Officer of San Geronimo outpost, instructed the military and the church personnel to study the language of the native and cultivate harmony with them. When Captain Lemery died in 1856, the people of San Geronimo requested their priest to change the name of the barrio to LEMERY. In 1858, the barrio of San Geronimo became officially known as LEMERY. In 1862, Lemery was separated from the Municipality of Taal and became the district municipality thru the efforts of CANDIDA CESARIO VALENZUELA, MANUEL CABRERA, POLICARPIO MARIÑO, and DOMINGO AGONCILLO. Jose Cabrera became the First Gobernadorcillo of the newly created town. For economic considerations, Lemery was again annexed to Taal in 1904. Finally, by virtue of Executive Order 1549 of the Philippine Civil Commission, it became an independent Municipality in 1907.

Municipal Leadership

The town of Lemery was founded in 1862 during the administration of Governor General Jose Lemery. Don Jose Cabrera is the first Gobernadorcillo whose term of office is unknown. Succeeding Gobernadorcillos who also had unrecorded terms of office are Don Miguel Agoncillo, Don Eleno Anniversario, Don Mariano Marella, Don Juan Medina, and Pioquinto Reyes.


Year Name of Gobernadorcillo

1880 - 1881 Don Victoriano Noble

1881 - 1882 Don Ramon Noble

1882 - 1883 Don Basilio Gatchalian

1884 - 1885 Don Perpetuo Ilustre

1885 - 1889 Don Mariano Generoso

1889 - 1891 Don Brigido Morales

1891 - 1894 Don Juan Medina

1894 - 1896 Don Ramon Mitra

1897 - 1898 Don Zacarias Marasigan

1898 - 1899 Don Sinfroso Ilustre


Year Name of Gobernadorcillo

1899 – 1900 Don Ricardo W. Aguirre

1901 – 1902 Don Agapito Panganiban

1902 – 1904 Don Zacarias Marasigan

1904 – 1906 Lemery was annexed to Taal

1907 –1908 Don Perpetuo Admana De Joya

1908 – 1909 Don Ruperto Venturanza

1910 – 1912 Don Perfecto C. Cabrera

1913 – 1915 Don Jose G. Baldoza

1916 – 1918 Don Ramon A. Cabrera

1919 – 1922 Don Zacarias Marasigan

1923 – October 15, 1925; Don Ruperto Venturanza

Aug. 10, 1926 –1928;

1928-1932; 1936-1940

October 16, 1925 –

August 9, 1926 Vicente Macabuhay

May 5 – 16, 1945 Acting Post Liberation Municipal Mayor Aurelio S. Atienza

1932 – 1936;

(Japanese Occupation)

May 1941 – December 19, 1943

December 11, 1943 -

December 10, 1944 Froilan A. Noble

1944 – March 5, 1945 Pedro Punzalan

March 7 – May 4, 1945 Military Mayor and Mayor Ireneo Cabrera

(WW II Post Liberation) Vicente S. Macabuhay

October 16, 1925 – August 9, 1926; Vicente Salazar
Post-Liberation May 5 – 16, 1945
Leon A. Sangalang

May 17, 1945 – July 9, 1946,

Post Liberation 1947 – 1951;

1955 – 1959

1951 – 1955: 1959 – 1963; Mariano Venturanza
1963 – 1967; 1967 – 1971
Ramon Marasigan

1971 – hold over Martial Law Atty. Hermogenes C. De Castro, Jr.

until January 3, 1980

January 4, 1980 – April 9, 1986;

February 2, 1988 – March 23, 1992

April 1–26, 1986; March 24 –

June 30, 1992; OIC Mayor 1986

– January 1988, 1986 – 1988;

1992 – 1995

Atty. Nolasco King Reyes

June 30, 1995 – June 30, Romeo M. Ornales

1998; June 30, 1998 – Roman H. Rosales

June 30, 2001

June 30, 2001 – October 9, 2006 Raul B. Bendaña

October 2006 – June 2013 Eulalio M. Alilio

July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2016 Charisma M. Alilio

July 1, 2016 up to present Eulalio M. Alilio